Can superfoods healthy and cheap in the same time? When we hear superfoods, we may be intimidated by the term and think that every food in this group is pricey.

– Most of the time, superfoods can have a little higher price than regular food.
– Not all superfood is expensive.
– Expensive price doesn’t always equate health benefits… (i.e: steak?)

Seaweeds have been long available in the market, and only a few people know the health benefit it has to offer. Example of seaweeds are the arame, hijiki, wakame, dulse, and many more. These sea vegetables are locally available in almost all parts of the world. Thus, making them very accessible to anyone.

Seaweeds can be green, brown, or red marine algae. There are so many types, but not all are known to be edible. You may have noticed it in the side-dishes or toppings of some of your favorites dishes like soups, salads, and even pizza!

A lot of culinary experts believe that sea vegetable is the next kale.

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