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3 Ingredient All Purpose Cleaner That Re...

This simple 3-ingredient homemade all purpose cleaner is great at cleaning grease, yet gentle on surfaces! Use this no-vinegar recipe in any room of the house. Have you ever been so stubborn, that you’ve refused to buy something out of principle? A few years ago, just after we moved to Georgia, I refused to buy […]

Warm-Up Essentials for Snow Sports

Winter is upon us, which usually means two things: Plenty of snow and low temperatures and skiing and snowboarding. Whether you are a veteran on the ski run or are just getting started, preparation is crucial for having a good time, staying safe, and keeping injuries at bay. To that end, let us talk about […]

Chamomile Tea Serenity: Sip Your Stress ...

An infusion of chamomile blossoms is chamomile tea. The scientific name for this plant is Matricaria chamomilla. Chamaemelum nobile, a type of roman chamomile, and other Matricaria species like Matricaria recutita are also available. These plants all have a sedative and sleep-inducing action in common. It has been used since antiquity, when it was suggested […]

Best Baked Chicken Legs – The Big Man’s

Best Baked Chicken Legs – The Big Man’s World ®

These baked chicken legs are quick to prep and work with chicken drumsticks! Ready in minutes, a secret trick yields juicy chicken with a crispy skin every single time.  If you are a fan of baking chicken (like tandoori chicken or Peruvian chicken), you’ll love these oven-baked chicken legs. They are juicy, affordable, and so easy to make.  Table of […]

7 Mistakes Trainers Make When Coaching P...

Welcome to a deep dive into an essential but often overlooked aspect of fitness training – coaching postpartum clients.   The journey into motherhood is profound, transforming a woman’s life in myriad ways, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Fitness trainers can play an important role in this journey, assisting new mothers to regain their strength, restore their […]

15 Powerful Sea Moss And Turmeric Benefi...

iStock/Getty We include products we think are useful. If you buy through links on this page, we earn a small commission Did you know that there are a number of benefits to incorporating sea moss and turmeric into your diet? Both ingredients offer a variety of health benefits that can improve your overall wellbeing. Sea […]

A Nutrition Based Guide: HealthifyMe

Water chestnuts, often referred to as “singhara” or “water caltrops,” are a unique and nutritious ingredient that has gained popularity in various cuisines worldwide. Water chestnuts are known for their distinctive appearance, resembling small, brown, and horned bulbs. Their flavour is mild and refreshing, with a satisfying crunch that adds an interesting texture to dishes. […]

Superfoods 🥝 You Might Eat During 🤰 Preg

When you are pregnant almost everyone who greets you will recommend what to eat and what not to eat. It gets very confusing, right? We have heard a lot about superfoods and their awesome benefits. In this post we will tell you the best superfoods to eat during pregnancy so that you know what you […]