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How to train like Wonder Woman

How to train like Wonder Woman

Being a Hollywood actress might seem like an easy job, but that is far from the case. Gal Gadot’s first appearance as Wonder Woman came in 2016, but her preparation for the role began way before that. From sword-fighting to jumping tall buildings and flying, the role of Diana, Princess of the Amazons, is challenging […]

Easy Gourmet Mediterranean Grilled Chees...

By Tiffany Published September 16, 2022 • Last Updated: September 16, 2022 4 Comments Delicious Mediterranean grilled cheese made with homemade sourdough to switch up the sandwich night. Frugal recipe the whole family loves, and a fun way to enjoy grilled cheese Greek style! Enjoy with a bowl of Tomato Soup or vegetable Greek salad. […]

Foods That Worsens Good Metabolic Health...

Metabolism is the process of how the body turns the food and liquids a person consumes into energy. Your metabolic health is influenced by your diet, hydration, exercise, stress, mental health, age, gender, and heredity.  According to research, a person’s metabolic health significantly defines their quality of life. Therefore, to be metabolically healthy is to […]

Air Fryer Chicken Breast In 8 Minutes

This air fryer chicken breast takes less than 8 minutes to make and turns out perfectly juicy and tender every time- it’s truly the best! A secret trick guarantees the chicken never dries out. As someone who enjoys chicken breasts on a weekly basis, I used to follow the same method of cooking them. I’d […]

11 Adaptogenic Elixirs To Relax, Recharg...

iStock/Getty Adaptogenic herbs are a special class of healing plants that help the body adapt to stress by normalizing physiological functions. They have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to treat a variety of conditions, including fatigue, anxiety, and poor digestion. An adaptogenic elixir is a powerful tonic made with these […]

Coconut Oil: Superfood or Not?

Is coconut oil a superfood? The list of superfoods seem to grow longer as many foods join the group, but we wonder, is coconut considered one? Summary:– Coconut offers a lot of nutrition, but the risky part is the possibility of cholesterol overload.– Many consumers of coconut oil are not sure if it is a […]

The Connection Between Microgreens and H...

Microgreens are new vegetable greens that are nearly one to three inches (2.5–7.5 cm) tall. They have an aromatic seasoning and concentrated nutrient quantity and come in a mixture of colours and textures. Microgreens are baby plants falling between a sprout and baby green. That said, they should not be amazed about sprouts, which do […]