Let’s face it: Having a workout buddy can be fantastic. You can spot one another, motivate each other to do better, and have a person to chat with. But, to reap these benefits, you need a good training partner, a workout buddy. The question is, how would you know whether your buddy is right for you?

Your Goals align

When looking for a workout buddy, the most important thing you need to consider is whether your goals align with theirs. Sure, the person might be dedicated, supportive, and fun to be around, but do they have the same fitness goals?

For example, you might be a strength trainee, and your partner might be more into a circuit or aerobic exercise. It is essential to follow the same path. That way, you can train together, work on different pieces of equipment, and keep one another motivated to improve.

They are a hard Worker

Your potential workout buddy might be active, outgoing, and fun to be around. You might feel like they would make for a great training partner. But, as yourself this: Are they are a hard worker?

The truth is a good workout buddy is one who works hard. This is a person who trains consistently, pushes themselves hard, and motivates you to do better.

If your partner does not work hard, they will demotivate you and worsen your workouts’ quality or make you give up training altogether.

They keep you accountable

Accountability is a powerful tool, yet few people ever use it to their advantage. Knowing that someone expects you to show up and do the work can be a powerful motivator that makes you more consistent and hardworking.

This is why your workout buddy needs to keep you accountable. They need to expect you every time, motivate you, and call you out when you are lazy (or going too crazy).

Likewise, you also need to keep them accountable. That way, you can create a two-way street and push each other to do better.

What if there is none?

Well, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we all had to organize ourselves differently, and also, most of the gyms have been closed. But this should not keep you from working out; no excuses! If you have no one to train with, virtual boot camps might be good to join and get motivated by a group.

Another alternative would be using a fitness app that helps you plan the workouts and keeps track of your progress. Fitbod for example does a great job using an algorithm to not only help you perform better they also help you plan your rest time and send you gentle reminders to perform your workout. Not as good as a human workout buddy, but worth a try! We partnered with Fitbod to get the price down. Click here and use promotion code “HOTELGYMS” to get your 25% discount.