We’re sorry to tell you that a slim waist and abs start in the kitchen. It’s all about your diet and eating the right food. But if you have already mastered your diet and want to speed up the process we are here to share an exercise that can help you cinch your waist. The jumping oblique twist is an exercise that can help you get a flatter stomach right now. Recommended Read: How to Choose The Right Diet For You

It’s not just about your waist either, it can also shape up your abs and thighs. This exercise targets all those hard-to-reach spots that are close to your torso. The twisting movement will also work out your back muscles, such as the spinal erectors, trapezius, and rhomboids.

The jumping oblique twist can be done using the weight of your own body or with weights to build on the intensity and really sculpt your core. When the aim is to sculpt you should always modify the exercise to challenge yourself and keep your muscles guessing. Using lightweight and high reps are an excellent way to begin sculpting.  As you get stronger, you should add more weight and lower the reps to around 2-5 depending on your fitness level.

A strong core is important because it gives you strength and stability. If your core is weak you will not be efficient when performing daily tasks or sports such as running, cycling, or swimming. Having a strong core will help with posture too so that you can stand tall and also avoid injuries.

The obliques are the muscles that allow you to twist and bend side to side, they really are a powerhouse of movement. They are located on the sides of your waist and are also used in nearly all other core movements. Whether you want to have a washboard stomach or reduce your waistline, this exercise is an excellent way to build them up.

Unfortunately, the obliques are often neglected in training routines. The main reason for this is that the majority of abdominal exercises concentrate on transverse movements which usually work the rectus abdominis (the straight up and down muscles).

Most people think their core is just abs but it is so much more. The core is made up of many muscles which work together to create movement and stability. The abs, spinal, obliques and glutes are the main muscles used when it comes to functional training. Recommended Read: 31 Fast and Effective At Home Cardio Exercises

The jumping oblique twist exercises recruit all your body’s muscles into action giving you a great workout without isolating any one area. Even basic movements such as squats use almost every muscle in your body making them perfect for whole-body toning not just for a six-pack..

The jumping oblique twist will also work out your back muscles, such as the spinal erectors, trapezius, and rhomboids. Many people think that working out their abs means doing hundreds of crunches or sit-ups every day but it’s important to remember that these compound exercises work for multiple muscle groups at once – and your core is made up of many different muscles including not just your abs.

Jumping Oblique Twist Instructions

To begin targeting those oblique muscles and achieving a slimmer waist check out the instructions below and the video following:

Step 1: Stand up tall with feet hip-width apart with knees slightly bent to mimic jumping position. Place both arms out to each side of the body in a ‘T’ shape with palms facing down. Keep the upper body as still as possible throughout the exercise.

Step 2: While inhaling, jump legs wider apart from one another with heels making contact with floor; exhale while performing twist by rotating torso and bringing the right elbow towards left knee while simultaneously keeping back straight and head upright.

Step 3: Inhale by bringing the torso back to the center position while lowering arms and raising legs. Exhale; repeat the jumping oblique twist on the opposite side. Continue alternating sides until you’ve performed desired repetitions of each side.

Step 4: For variation, begin with feet together, then jump them apart as you twist from one side to the other performing this exercise in a fast motion rather than slowly like most traditional crunches or twists would require for best results.

Important notes about Jumping Oblique Twist Exercise

The key to getting great results from this abdominal twisting move is not only performing it correctly but also making sure that your form stays consistent during every repetition so that it takes your body under load, in the same way, each time. For example, many people will twist their upper body to one side, and then as they twist back to center, the twisting is performed in a slightly different manner that doesn’t take your body under load as much because you’re not using your core muscles to stabilize yourself during this second phase of each repetition. This is why it’s important that you keep the consistent form for every rep by maintaining control of your hips and lower back so they don’t flop around while doing exercises like this but instead remain very stable throughout so you are able to maintain the same amount of tension on your abdominals each repetition making results easier to achieve.

When it comes down to it there are a lot of ways to exercise your core. But how do you know what exercise is best for you?  The answer is simple. Use the exercises that will allow you to get the most “bang for your buck” each time you workout, or in other words use the exercise that allows you to burn the most calories and build a ton of muscle as well.

How would I do that? There are a few ways… You could utilize drop sets on all of your core exercises (these are great because they allow to you keep going forever without having to constantly reset up/change weights). Or maybe just simply perform mostly compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, incline presses, etc.

A strong core is a valuable asset so remember to continue to sculpt your waistline with not only the jumping oblique twist but a proper diet as well.