Are you a fitness freak? Or you are just another common human being who wishes to have a fine athletic body so that you would look better and much confident among your companions. Regardless of both of the above or any other mental state, which you possess, you must be familiar with push up exercise. The kind of strength and feel you had in the movement of pushing up your body with your palms while your toes stick to the ground is unique.

Bleak History of Pushups

Hundreds of years ago, ancient warriors perform push-ups for enhancing strength and developing a fighter physique however, the motion must be not exactly as of today’s modern-day pushup. Some references signalize that soldiers of the holy crusade and Roman Empire performs an exercise similar to push up. Revolution in pushup commenced in the early years of the 19th century, by the all-time greatest sub-continent wrestler “Gama” aka The Great Gama. The great wrestler had a habit of beginning every day at 4 A.M and performing four thousand repetitions of ‘Hindu Pushups” and other exercises with similar volume and intensity. Such an insane workout routine gave Gama a reputation of the undefeated greatest wrestler of all time. Gama has the glory of being undefeated in approximately five thousand wrestling matches in a row. Isn’t that a Wow!!

Benefits of Doing Pushups

So, when you really mean to invest some time and effort for your health rather than watching work out video tutorials on YouTube rather than doing it actually yourself. Now, it’s time that you should opt it from the basics arsenal of manly exercises and 9 out of 10 times your instinct says yes, I am going to start it with pushups. But hey! did you know? Performing pushup exercise is not just a basic startup of your hefty workout but a magical motion that can be the whole sole workout for your entire upper body.

Pushup came across through all these years and so in present times, we use to perform pushups exercise in a variety of ways.

When you do pushups exercise you are actually involving your core, triceps, shoulders, chest, and abs and even legs muscles to work. And doing it with the right kind of technique and motion brings miraculous results to your body.

Modern Day Pushups

Did you like the variety? You say yes, congratulations pushups come in hundreds of flavors, and you can try multiple of them on the same day. You can change the positions of your arms subject to focus muscle groups, for instance, a wide arm position will work the muscles of your front shoulder deltoid and chest while contracting arms position will allow triceps muscle, back shoulder deltoids, and chest muscle to work together in body frame, and there are numerous kinds of push up again depending on which muscle group you want to work on, few basic kinds of push up styles:

1. Military Pushups

Starting from the plank position with your palms on the floor, pushing yourself to the ground until your chest is just a few inches away from the floor, and then pushing up back to the starting position, remember starting with your hands be positioned straight and parallel and only shoulder length wide. The exercise impacts your core, triceps, chest, shoulders, and legs.

2. Wide Arm Pushups

Almost the same as Military pushups but your hand should be positioned little wider than your shoulders the exercise will work on your front shoulder deltoid, chest, and core.

3. Pike Pushups

Pike pushup is hot these days, it works primarily to your shoulder muscles and gives it more strength and toned looks. Start it with the basic pushup position. Now, lift your butt, so you shape like an upside-down V with your palms and feet on the floor. The crown of your head also towards the ground goes down till your head about to touch the floor. Pushup yourself back to the starting position, keep repeating as far as it stays good.

4. Incline Pushups

You can perform incline push up by placing your hands against the wall or much better if there is some flat surface about half of your height where you can place your hands. Start it by laying your hands on the bench and your toes to the ground. Legs and back straight go down till your chest inches away from the bench and push up to the starting position so on and so forth. This exercise will trigger your lower chest area and your back shoulders.

5. Decline Pushups

Now, this is my favorite push up. You must vicinity your palms at the floor, shoulder-width apart, and your toes should be elevated on an object around knee height (more the height leaner will be the chest pecks). Now, perform the pushup repetitions with keeping your body straight and feet together. This exercise will boost your upper chest muscles and front shoulders.

6. Staggered Pushups

The staggered pushup is one of the modern-day pushups exercises. If you are willing to enhance the strength and stability of your core and arms, you should give it a try. Begin with a normal push up position first, then just move your left hand down. When you go down, your thumb might touch your left chest, perform 5 to 6 repetitions. Now, rotate the hand’s position, left hand up and right hand down. Remember, your legs should be positioned a little wider than from normal push up position.

7. Diamond Pushups

Yes! a diamond pushup, but you don’t necessarily need to have a diamond to perform this variation, though it always feels great if you have one, isn’t it? To perform this pushup first, bring yourself to normal push up position, then make a diamond shape by combining both hands index fingers and thumbs, position your toes approximately 12 inches apart. Keep your body straight and perform this push up 8 to 10 repetitions that will be optimum for beginners. This exercise will hit your triceps muscle like anything and will pump that iron in triceps muscle if performing correctly, which will give you an instant macho look and feel.

8. Pseudo Pushups

Place your hands on the floor as your fingers will directing outside and palms inside the hands. It should be positioned in front of your waist now go down and push yourself up, about ten repetitions would be cool enough, pseudo pushups work on your biceps and shoulder muscles for real.

Impact on Overall Health

Researchers have found that the ability to perform pushups in one can identify his/her cardiac wellness. Further studies showing results that if a man unable to perform ten pushups in a single set, then he is more vulnerable to heart disease through performing more than 40 pushups in a one go indicate 95% less chance of chronic heart disease or heart failure.

Pushup Challenge

Stop wasting further time to think and plan that you will start working on your health from tomorrow. Just count 5,4,3,2,1 and stand up, for the next fifteen minutes, you are going to perform simple military pushups.

Give it a try, challenge yourself, start working from now, and maybe after 10 days or even less, you will be able to perform more than ten repetitions in a go, or continuous effort shall allow you to do 20 or more repetitions.

Enhance your strength and body outlook, the healthy heart, will resume.

Stay Blessed!!

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