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Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways that will assist you to stay motivated for your regular workout session.

If you ask all of us round that “Are you interested in dropping weight? ”, I am sure the majority of the answer will be “YES”. That’s the truth that every one of us wants to shade that extra pounds and look flawless.

You may want to fit into your best dress, want to look amazing at your sister’s wedding, desire to have a healthy body, or simply to reduce the chances of a certain disease. All of us have distinct end goals and milestones that you want to achieve.

Now that you have the end goal defined, what’s the greatest barrier? That’s the motivation to keep going rather than finding lame excuses to avoid your workout session.

I know that you are extremely busy, but that’s the same for every one of us. There is enough time for everything you want to do, literally.

Don’t you make time on weekends to have long conversations with your friends? Don’t you take the time to read certain books that you crave for? Don’t you plan dinner nights with your family, even when you are occupied?

Well, you do! Indeed, you manage your time and tasks with priority. If you ignore your workout sessions or don’t follow up with your diet plans, it’s not because of the lack of time; but lack of discipline.

I know it will be monotone once things become part of the routine. It has happened with me as well; that’s why I am sharing 10 amazing tricks that I have tried to keep going with my workout plan.

1. Make a note of ‘Reasons’ to lose weight

The motivation that comes by reading something or listening to podcasts and videos doesn’t last for long. It is only ‘you’ who can keep yourself motivated for a longer time. That’s why you should write your reasons to lose weight.

By making a note of it, I am telling you to write it in your diary or notebook that you carry with yourself. Even if you don’t carry it, write it on the paper and stick to the place where you can see it regularly. This constant reminder to your mind will work as the primary force to keep things in motion.

2. Set realistic goals

When you are 110 Kgs, you should not aim to get 70 Kgs and a flat belly just in the next month. That’s an impossible goal, even if you push yourself hard to the limit.

In the thought of attaining that goal, you may go for strict diet plans and put yourself in the gym for long hours. But, you will not be able to attain them and lose confidence within yourself. This may lead to hypertension or other diseases. The long hours you spend in the gym may cause tissue and muscle damage, which will elongate recovery time.

Weight loss is a process, and you can’t think of a quick fix. That’s why you need to be realistic about your end goals. When you just start shading 5-10% weight of your body, you can see the changes. The study concludes, it can control blood sugar, lessen the chances of joint pain, reduce the risk of cancer, and regulate cholesterol levels.

Break it into chunks and take your first step. When you attain milestones of your journey, you will be more focused on your end goals.

3. Concentrate on the process of goals

“The journey is much more beautiful than the destination.” I am sure you have heard this proverb quite a few times, and it fits for weight loss as well. When you start losing weight, you will find a lot of changes coming in yourself, like the upliftment of your mood, build up your confidence, refine your perspective towards life, and so on.

It’s not the weight loss; rather, it is the workout session that releases Endorphins that reduces stress and makes you feel more positive. You want to stroll SMARTly, which means you need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. This will help you stay motivated and reduce disappointment.

4. Create flexible workout plans

It’s often said that you should exercise in the morning, but some people do exercise at night and evening. So, there isn’t any fixed timing for the same; it is simply a generalized thought. There will be days when you will be traveling for a week or have meetings in the early morning. In all such cases, you often skip the workout session and consider those days as cheat days.

But, no one ever forced you to exercise in the morning only. If you are unable to manage your time, you can shorten your workout plan and go for flexible hours. Even if you have 20 minutes free for the day, perform basic exercises. This flexible attitude of yours will help you stay disciplined. Slowly and gradually, you will develop it as a habit, and you will start enjoying the same.

5. Maintain a diet plan

If you are working out and eating fast food every other day, do you think it will work? Well, not! You are burning energy and including greater in your diet. Even if you do this forever, you will not see any impact on your body other than your muscles. “A healthful thought dwells in a healthful body. ” For a healthy body, you want to preserve a healthy diet.

When I am talking about the diet plan, it doesn’t mean all those tasteless diet foods. All I am telling is keeping track of your food and avoiding junk as much as you can. Don’t follow that hardcore diet plan that will create more craving for food. You can reach out to the dietician for a custom diet plan, but, to start developing the control on your own, you can decrease calorie intake, reduce portion size, lessen the intake of oily food and add veggies and fruits.

Try to avoid quick fixes and add the diet options that you can continue in the long term.

6. Start keeping a weight loss journal

Research reveals that people who keep track of everything they eat, likely lose weight faster than those who don’t. The reason for keeping the weight loss journal is to gain an understanding of your regular diet. Many of us can’t keep control of the intake of sweets or likely overeat because of hypertension.

When you maintain the food journal with all honesty, you will understand the reasons behind emotional eating. You can’t change the habit overnight, and you can replace those foods with their healthy counterparts. Thanks to technology, now, you have the apps and websites on which you can maintain a health journal, and you need not take a physical journal with you.

7. Commit to your goals

Every year so many people make resolutions to stay healthy and join the gym for the same, but how many people stick to those resolutions? The lethargy, responsibility, and requirement of the time take all this away.

If you want to attain your health goals, you need to make a fair commitment. The research shows that public commitment makes people more accountable for the attainment of their goals.

The proof of this commitment can be telling this to your friends, making an advance payment of gym membership, and taking a 3-month or 6-month package. This will develop your habit and improve your dedication towards your goals.

8. Blend workout with your hobbies

It’s a new trend that exercise and workout is also a hobby for so many people out there. I believe that’s a necessity of your body, but your workout sessions will make you feel more happy and satisfied. That’s why it is a good thing to blend workout with your hobby. Also, you can find some creative ways to maintain this workout session. You can explore a variety of physical training ideas like Zumba, aerobics, or connect it with dance.

Such ideas will make your workout interesting for you, and when you start liking it, you will be motivated to do it regularly.

9. Find Social Support

Since you aren’t a machine, you will not be in the same mood all the while. The social support will help you stay motivated. You can ask your buddies to join the gym with you or connect with the community groups. When you look at the transformation of your friends and colleagues, you will likely follow the workout session.

The community support and conversation going along, make you think again and again about your goals. Also, it will give you more ideas about dieticians and home remedies that you can opt for.

10. Connect spiritually

Exercise is not only important for a healthy body but rather, it also makes you mentally sound. You can connect with the meditation groups to bring you in a state of emotional peace. If you are in a state of distress and emotional trauma, you can discover the spiritual side of your mind. The self-awakening will automatically motivate you to maintain physical health and stay merrily in your life.

It’s your choice to join any organization for spiritual guidance, or you like to start meditation on your own.

Important Tip: Surround yourself with positive vibes

Once you start exercising regularly, you will see the results coming, and this will automatically motivate you to follow the weight loss plan. When you are happy, you will get more positive thoughts. Even if that’s not working, you can surround yourself with positive vibes and happy people.

You can try all these ideas to make things work and keep your motivation up. Remember that the workout plan is for your happiness; don’t take stress for the same.

Keep exercising, grow immunity, and stay happy.

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