Can herbal remedies help to fight a cold? With winter here, the climatic changes can drastically effect our immune system and make it difficult to stay healthy hence it is important to ensure that we make the required changes in our diet and lifestyle so that we are not affected by cold and flu for so long that we need to take a week’s off from school or work.

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The herbal remedies can work really great when it comes to treating cold and even preventing it. Apple Cider Vinegar helps in boosting the alkalinity of the body so that it helps keep cold and its symptoms away.

Some of the other herbs that works great when it comes to treating cold are cayenne powder, ginger, honey, vitamin c, and Echinacea.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • ACV is an alkalizing food. It increases the alkalinity of the body
    helping it to fight colds and its symptoms. All you need to do is to mix
    a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with warm water, honey, and
    lemon, and drinking the concoction several times a day.

Vitamin C

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