Everyone always wants to target this kind of area of their belly and lose belly fat. For a lot of people, this area is where they hold onto their fat and that’s kind of like the last place to go. 

Reducing lower abs fat takes some extraordinary efforts over losing the fat from other body parts. There are several intense methods for lower abs workout to keep your body toned. The best thing is you don’t need any devices to maintain this workout plan. You can perform these exercises at the solace of your home. Just keep in mind to maintain regularity.

Let’s focus on the 10 intense lower abs workout routine to get the toned body and also about losing belly fat. These lower abs workout can be performed by both men and women at home only.

1. Heel Tap 

Let’s begin with the simple one first. Flatten your yoga mat and lie faceup. Keep both your hands sideways to your butt and keep calves parallel on the floor. Raise each leg with the knee bent. Now, alternately lower your flexed feet towards the heel. When you help your knee rise and regain the initial composure, it will help you compress your abs. Heeltap targets muscles of your lower body, maintains your balance, improvise your speed, and burn calories. 

2. Leg Raise 

Leg raise is the best lower abs workout for beginners

While talking about the leg raise, you can try full leg raise as well as alternate leg raise. To perform full leg raise, lie flat on your yoga mat with facing upwards. Put your hands flat adjacent to your lower back. Lift both your legs together such that your knees don’t bend. Try to lift them to 90 degrees with stressing on your lower body. Don’t put the weight of your body on the hands and remember not to lift your head. 

Let’s make it a bit tricky now; you have to perform the leg raise, but this time, they will be alternate fashion. 

To perform this exercise, Put your hands flat adjacent to your lower back Now, start raising your legs, when you raise the right one, keep your left leg in the air. Do remember that both of your legs will be in the air and won’t be touching the ground. Just let them cross like both hands of scissors. you can also keep your hands below your head and raise it a little. Support your head by hand such that it won’t strain it. Don’t let your chin get too low and start raising your legs. trust me this is the intense lower abs workout for everyone.

3. Dead Bug 

Dead bug exercise

Although this exercise got a funny name, it isn’t that easy to perform. To act as a dead bug, lie on your back flat, facing the ceiling. Keep your hands above the head straight in the air and fold your legs by bringing them near your belly button. Extend your left leg down parallel to the floor and your right arm near to your shoulders. Don’t touch the ground, try to maintain your balance. Change your side to complete one set of this posture.

If you perform it righteously, it can set your core on fire. It helps you maintain your balance, stability, increases your stamina and tightens your belly. If you have the problem of lower back pain, this posture can help you get rid of the same. 

4. Crunches

Crunches is very effective lower abs exercise

When we are talking about the lower abs workout, how can you leave the crunches? If you want an effectively toned belly, practice crunches regularly.

To perform the crunches, lay your body flat with your face facing upwards. Keep your hands in support of your head and try to raise your upper body forward. Don’t strain your neck or put your weight on buttocks. This way, abdominal crunches can help tone the core muscles of your body. It will make your body more flexible and will surely improve the posture of your body. 

Unlike normal crunches, reverse crunches are much more effective. Lay on the ground with the flat back, raise your legs and bend your knees at an angle of 90-degree. Lift your lower back and tuck your pelvis near your belly button. Now, maintain the weight of your upper weight on your abdomen. Use your hands to support your neck, but don’t put your entire weight on them. It will improve the stability of your lower back, hips, and spine.

5. Bird Dog Pose

Bird dog pose is the perfect of whole body stretching that help body toning.

Like the name, you find the posture equally fun. It is effective lower abs workout that impact on lower arms as well as buttocks.

To start, take a position like that of a dog. Put both of your hands straight under your shoulders and knees below the hips. Now, raise your right arm in the forward position and let your left leg go in the backward direction. Stretch the arm and leg until you find them parallel to the ground. Maintain the posture for a few seconds and come back to the initial state. Switch the side to complete the set. 

Bird dog crunches will tighten your arms as well as leg muscles at the same time. You can repeat a few sets to experience its effect to soothe your lower back pain. It will increase the power of decrease abs and lowers back.

6. Roll up

Roll up is in the category of intense lower abs workout routine

Roll up is the posture that can help you squeeze your abs. If you have a huge belly, it can be kinda tricky for you, but it’s surely worth all the effort.

To begin with, you simply have to lie on the yoga mat with your face upwards, legs extended and knees touching each other. Keep your arms straight overhead and take a deep breath. While exhaling, lift your arms upwards and come forward from your abdominal portion, such that you come in the sitting position. Don’t make it quick, as it can give a jerk to your shoulders as well as the lower back. 

Roll-ups not only improves the strength of your spine but also enhances flexibility and helps you maintain the blood circulation in the body.  

7. Plank Plank is one of the best workouts for lower abs

Unlike the other exercises, a plank is one of the postures that care for your entire body. It strengthens your spine, abdominal muscles, body posture, and helps you maintain the balance of your body. 

To perform the plank, lay your body flat such that your front portion is facing the ground. Now, extend your legs in a straight line and straighten your arms in front of you, below your shoulders. You can preserve this posture for so long as you can. Once you are done with it, come back to the initial position. Plank pose improves the strength as well as stretches your body.

In case you find it tough, you can try the position of the lower plank. In the lower plank, the weight of your body will fall on your forearms. Your legs will be straightened, and your weight will be on your toes. When the entire of your body gets divided on the larger portion of your hands, you would be able to maintain the posture for a longer time. 

8. Rolling Plank 

Rolling plank is the best exercise for lower abs workout

The rolling plank can be a bit challenging for you, as you have to hold all of your weight sideways. 

To practice rolling plank, you need to take the position of the lower plank by putting your forearms likewise. You got to hold for 10 seconds. Now, turn to the right elbow, stack your feet in the same direction, hold the posture for 10 seconds, turn to left elbow, and repeat the same. Try now no longer to allow your hips to contact the ground. Rolling plank keeps your core engaged, traverse abdominal section, hips, and back. 

9. Mountain Climber 

mountain climber exercise is the best for lower abs workout.

As the name suggests, the mountain climber is the position of you climbing over the mountains. It is one of the finest exercises to tighten your muscles. It works well on the deltoids, biceps, triceps, core, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. 

Take the high plank position and keep your body straight to your hip level. Now, lift your right foot and draw your right knee near your chest, between your hands. Take it back to the initial state and repeat the same with the other side. It is a hybrid exercise of cardio and strength training that aids in improving muscle coordination and burning fat that aids in losing belly fat.

10. Jackknife

Jackknief exercise

Last but not least, Jackknife is an one of the best lower abs workout and abdominal exercise that is also known by the name V-up. It strengthens upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Lie on the ground with your face looking at the ceiling. Keep your feet together and legs extended with one of the arms extended overhead. Inhale while extending your arms and exhale while coming forward. Lift your body while squeezing your abs and raise your right arm and left leg. Touch your left leg with the proper arm. Inhale while going back to the initial position, repeat it 10 seconds and then change the side. Jack-knifing is called so, as it resembles the folding of an articulated vehicle and the acute angle of a folding pocket knife. 

These exercises will be intense for your lower abs so you will need just an open area something nice and soft lamp for it the majority of this would work out. These lower abs workouts can help you tone your body and strengthens your abdominal muscles. Perform 10-15 sets of each of these postures regularly to check their effectiveness. you can add up a few other exercises if you are looking for perfect 11 line abs.

Fitness is a very long journey so enjoy the process instead of focusing on the result and the result will be certain.

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