6 Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

Building strength with weights is a combination of sweat and ultimate decision-making on what kind of workouts to do in order to get started!

We have combined a list of the best weight lifting exercises to build your strength. Let’s take a look!

 Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

Benefits of Lifting Weights

Before getting started with the best weight lifting exercises, here are some reasons why you should lift weights:

  1. Builds Muscles | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

Lifting heavy weights can increase your strength and the power of your muscles. All of this happens without adding bulk, especially for women.

Moreover, lifting weights releases your testosterone and growth hormone, promoting tissue growth and making your muscles stronger and bigger. It helps your body build and maintain muscle mass through the later stages of life.

  1. Increases Stamina | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

Increasing stamina is crucial to make it easier for you to be active. It helps maintain your energy which makes it less likely for you to get worn out quickly. This especially helps if your job requires physical work.

  1. Burns Body Fat | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

Lifting weights make your body more effective at burning fat. This is because muscle tissues burn more calories than fat tissues, and when you burn more calories, your metabolism boosts, adding lean body mass through lifting weights.

Decreasing body fat decreases your chances of developing overall risks of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancers, and much more.

6 Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

If you are thinking of starting your weight training journey, here are the six best weight lifting exercises that form the basis of functional movements. Once you get stronger, you have to start adding variations to these workouts.

  1. Squats | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

You need to take the full-body approach when doing squats because you are training not only for strength but also flexibility, timing, and technique. Keep your body straight between your ankles and your torso upright. The weight should be in your heels and look forward during the entire workout.

Pin and box squats are great for developing strength. Pause squats help increase power while you are in a deep squat position.

  1. Barbell Bench Press | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

Bench presses with Olympic barbells are great to build chest strength. It will also work your arms, shoulders, and back. But remember, maintaining a correct posture while doing a bench press is important. Maintain your grip, posture, and angle to avoid injuring your wrist or shoulder.

Keep your back tight and arched. Place your hips firmly on the bench, keep your wrists straight, and do not flare your elbows out.

  1. Deadlift | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

If you want to build up muscle mass and your posterior chain, deadlifts are the way to do it. Follow the correct technique to get the most out of your workout and avoid injuring yourself. Keep your spine straight, have tight glutes, and maintain fluid hip movement.

  1. Overhead Press | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

Overhead press helps build strength by targeting your shoulders, hamstrings, lower back, quadriceps, hip flexors, glutes, and calves. Train safely and practice the correct form.

Don’t finish the workout with the bar facing forwards towards the bridge of your nose, as this gives an unstable overhead position. Push it up and slightly forwards.

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  1. Bent Over Rows | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

Bentover rows provide overall strength and target your back and core. Depending on the weights you are carrying, your body position will vary. If you have lighter weights, maintain a 90-degree hinge; a 45-degree hinge is okay with heavyweights.

  1. Bicep Curls | Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

One of the most traditional exercises, bicep curls target your bicep muscles. If you use hex dumbbells for this exercise, you can work both of your arms independently – a great way to work out the weaknesses your non-dominant arm has.

 Best Weight Lifting Exercises for Strength Building

There are various types of bicep curls to target different parts of your body. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Adding barbells to your bicep curls is a great way to work on both heads of your biceps.

It targets your bicep muscles, and since your hands are also rotated, the forearms also get more attention. The exercise gets challenging when you change your hand position. Combine this with regular or barbell curls and target your entire bicep and forearms.

You can do this workout at the end of your bicep workouts to pump blood to your muscles. As the name suggests, this exercise concentrates your energy right into your bicep muscles.

  • Barbell Concentration Curls

Adding barbells to the concentration curls increases the intensity of the workout. In this exercise, you are slightly bent over, shortening the range of motion making your abs and back work harder to keep your stability.

Traditional curls focus on biceps and forearms, but reverse curls are known to give attention to your forearms solely. In this exercise, your palms face inwards; this makes your forearms do all the work, and biceps act as the synergists.

If you are into golf, tennis, or baseball, you need great forearm and grip strength. The reverse curl is a great way to develop that strength.

Bottom Line

It is vital to maintain a proper form while doing any of the above exercises. So before you start, learn the correct technique, or else you are only waiting for an injury to occur!

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