Adnan Sami Diet And Weight Loss Journey

Bollywood singer, Adnan Sami, is best known for songs like Kabhi To Nazar Milao, Lift Karaa De, Tera Chehra, Tu Sirf Mera Mehboob and many more. The 50-year-old musician is well-known all over the world for his beautiful singing and is a Padma Shri laureate. While his career has always had its high points, his personal life has been quite the contrary. Adnan Sami had three failed marriages for the uninitiated. However, few are aware that Adnan Sami formerly weighed close to 230 kg. And everyone was amazed when, in 2007, he lost about 155 kg. Let’s examine Adnan Sami’s weight loss process!

Adnan sami lose weight

Adnan Sami began his training regimen after using a diet plan to lose 40 kilogrammes. He received instruction for this from Prashant Sawant, a well-known trainer in Mumbai. Because of his weight, Adnan Sami was unable to run. He, therefore, began by moving only a small distance, and when his weight decreased a little more, he lengthened his stride.

Adnan was given a comprehensive workout regimen after Prashant took a few months to determine whether he could run on a treadmill. Adnan Sami’s hour-long workout included both aerobic and weight training to help him lose weight. He had been exercising six days per week for a while.

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Adnan sami fat to fit

Before starting the weight loss journey, the musician indulged in as much food as he wanted on June 6, 2006. He consumed a variety of foods, including a sizable cheesecake, a potter house steak slathered in butter, and mashed potatoes. He began his quest seriously on June 7, 2006, and committed himself to a low-carb, high-protein diet.

Every move Adnan made was an enormous task. He was severely fat, as we are all aware, and this prevented him from working out in the beginning. His body wasn’t built to support the strain of exercise. He might have suffered a heart attack if he had begun exercising at that time.

His initial step was to completely eliminate the weight by following a stringent diet plan. He had engaged a nutritionist in Houston, where he was receiving all of the advice regarding weight loss. Adnan is an emotional eater who occasionally eats when he is happy and occasionally eats when he is upset, the dietician learned after that. His low-carb diet was then created to get him started on his journey.

Adnan Sami weight loss diet

  • He used to begin each day with a cup of tea without sugar.
  • LUNCH – Fish and a vegetable-based salad with only 1 teaspoon of a fat-free salad dressing.
  • As these were his primary sources of protein, he just ate simple, boiled dal or chicken for dinner without any rice or roti.
  • Between-meal snacks include homemade popcorn with no salt.
  • With SUGAR Cravings, he substituted vanilla ice cream for chocolate ice cream.
  • Fudge sticks on a diet (they are made of fudge chocolate but have only 30 calories.)
  • Diet ice cream treats made with fruit (with only 20 calories)
  • He took – in place of usual soft drinks.
  • beverages without sugar in a variety of flavours (with one calorie only)

Adnan claimed that he concentrated on altering his eating habits and came close to discovering a new world outside.

Adnan sami diet plan chart

Houston was the beginning of Adnan Sami’s weight loss struggle. But first, he consumed one last bad dinner (consisting of a huge cheesecake, mashed potatoes and a porterhouse steak with plenty of butter). He sought help from a nutritionist to change his life, who examined his food reactions and identified him as an emotional eater. 

He had a strong emotional bond with eating. He used to eat whether he was joyful or depressed. He overindulged when he was depressed, felt bad, and then overindulged again. It resembled an endless circle. Then, Adnan Sami Diet of low-calorie helps him lose weight. He stopped eating white rice, bread, and harmful fast food completely in favour of salads, fish, and boiled dal instead.

Adnan sami diet and exercise

In a conversation, the musician discussed his weight-loss diet. He claimed that the trainer instructed him to consume fewer calories by avoiding white rice, bread, and other unhealthy items. He was told to limit his diet to salads, fish, and cooked dal. The musician used to start his day with a cup of tea without sugar and eat a veggie salad and some fish for lunch (protein source). Adnan Sami used to eat boiled chicken or dal for dinner but never any rice or roti. The performer added that he was permitted to have homemade popcorn as a snack.

He began working out under the direction of Mumbai-based fitness guru Prashant Sawant. He started out with just a short daily stroll because he was still too hefty to run. He increased the amount of time he spent walking as his weight decreased, and soon he was ready to run on a treadmill.  Due to his fat, Adnan Sami was unable to attend the gym. The singer was placed on a treadmill and instructed to perform light exercises, nevertheless, after shedding 40 kg. Strength training and cardio workouts were also part of his exercise regimen (6 days a week). Adnan Sami is correct when he states that it all depends on your commitment.


  1. How did Adnan sami lose weight?

The singer claimed in an interview that he didn’t get rid of the excess pounds surgically; instead, his trainer placed him on a strict diet that helped him control his weight. “Only 20% of the weight loss process was physical; the majority was psychological. No oil, no sugar, and tonnes of willpower were part of my high-protein diet “Adnan Sami revealed to a reputable news organisation.

  1. How much weight can you lose on the 3-day diet?

According to the 3-Day Diet, dieters can drop as much as 10 pounds in just three days. The 3 Day Diet allows for weight loss, but only because it has so few calories. Because the diet has so few carbohydrates, it is likely that the majority of that weight loss is water weight rather than fat.

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