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Is There Such Thing As A Super Cheap Sup...

Can superfoods healthy and cheap in the same time? When we hear superfoods, we may be intimidated by the term and think that every food in this group is pricey. Summary:– Most of the time, superfoods can have a little higher price than regular food.– Not all superfood is expensive.– Expensive price doesn’t always equate […]

Melted Snowman Cookies (DELICIOUS & Cute

Melted Snowman Cookies not only make such a fun winter treat–they’re also crazy delicious! These sugary peanut butter cookies are topped with a peanut butter cup and melted white chocolate. Throw on a few candies to decorate the tops like a melting snowman. Try some of our other festive treats like one of these Christmas […]

Homemade Buffalo Wing Sauce (Made with F...

This easy homemade buffalo wing sauce recipe is an original and a crowd-pleaser! We start with Frank’s red hot sauce (mild yet spicy) and it gets tastier from there – It’s even better than Buffalo Wild Wings’ sauce! Try this sauce with crispy baked chicken or on buffalo chicken pizza. My dad is a chef. […]

Gluten Free Biscotti (Extra crispy!)- Th...

This gluten free biscotti is perfectly crispy and crunchy and ready to dunk in your favorite hot beverage! Easy to make and using simple ingredients, no one will know it’s made without gluten! Biscotti is something you’ll always find on my mom’s kitchen counter. As she has European roots, it’s only natural for her to […]

Louisiana Oven-Fried Cauliflower Recipe ...

Jump to Recipe Growing up fried chicken was something that we ate at family cookouts and even during some holidays. But now as an adult, I realize that fried foods aren’t the best if you are trying to live healthier (and longer) by eating a balanced diet. However, fried vegetables are a delicious and healthy […]

Foods To Help You Gain Weight?

Are there foods to help you gain weight? Do you want to gain weight, but still look fit and fab? There are healthy ways to do that. Summary:– So many foods can guarantee weight gain, but not all can guarantee us better health.– There are superfoods that can help you gain weight, the healthy way.– […]

Pozole (Ready In 30 Minutes!)

A quick 30-minute Mexican-inspired recipe, Pozole, complete with hominy, pulled pork, and loads of delicious toppings! While an authentic Pozole can take a couple of hours to make, this recipe can be on the table in 30 minutes or less! Pozole If you aren’t familiar, Pozole (posole) is a traditional soup from Mexican cuisine. It’s […]

Hunan Beef (10 minute low carb recipe!)

This Hunan beef is an easy and delicious stir fry made with tender steak strips, crisp vegetables, all in an authentic Hunan sauce. No thickeners or sugar-laden sauces needed, it’s keto friendly but full of flavor! When it comes to easy keto dinner recipes, we love some stir fry, Hunan chicken, and this Hunan beef. […]

Herbal Remedies To Fight Cold?

Can herbal remedies help to fight a cold? With winter here, the climatic changes can drastically effect our immune system and make it difficult to stay healthy hence it is important to ensure that we make the required changes in our diet and lifestyle so that we are not affected by cold and flu for […]