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18 Healthy Foods and Balanced Meals Duri...

A balanced and diverse diet is crucial at every age but should become a priority during pregnancy. The maternal diet must offer enough energy and nutrients to support the mother’s standard demands and the developing foetus’s needs. With a few significant exceptions, the dietary recommendations for pregnant and lactating women are very similar to those […]

6 cool Fitness Gadgets and Gear to take ...

6 cool Fitness Gadgets and Gear to take on the Road

Traveling is awesome. But if you are serious about fitness, it is also a source of stress. The good news is, so long as you take the most basic of fitness equipment and gadgets, you can travel freely and still have fantastic workouts. In this article, we review six awesome fitness equipments TRX stands for […]

Recipe: Healthy Dates & Ragi cake

Recipe: Healthy Dates & Ragi cake HealthifyMe HealthifyMe – The definitive guide to weight loss, fitness and living a healthier life. Print Healthy Dates & Ragi cake Giving in to midnight cravings for desserts and cakes is common if you are a night owl or a have a sweet tooth. Since not healthy, we tend […]

Guide to Building Your Health and Nutrit...

As a health coach, you can do a lot to help countless people improve their health and fitness through exercise, nutrition, and behavior change—but only as long as you actually reach people. And that’s why building a health and nutrition coaching website is one of the most important aspects of your budding business. 

Best VPNs for Business Travelers to stay...

Best VPNs for Business Travelers to stay digitally fit (2022)

In this era, internet security is essential to keep you in shape digitally, especially as a traveler. A VPN can be a reliable traveling companion that keeps your virtual life secure, increases your privacy, and give you full access to services outside your home country. It can also help you bypass geo-restricted content whenever a […]

The Best Sources of Sodium in Food

A balanced diet is essential for a healthy working body. It requires crucial nutritional compounds for your healthy development and proper working of the body’s internal system. Essential nutrients for the growth and maintenance of the body are protein, vitamins, fat, minerals, carbohydrate, and water. However, there are several myths about various nutrients and chemical […]

7 Perfect Abs Workout for Women

Exercise January 22, 20204000 views0 There are so many articles and tutorials of abs workout to get a great six-percent for men however so few for ladies to acquire the ones 11 line? Yes, while men always go crazy for those six-pack abs ladies prefer flat stomach as possible with the feminine Look. 11 line […]

What to know about your Body Type when t...

What to know about your Body Type when travelling

It is no surprise that traveling can interrupt one’s health and fitness routine. It can be an incredibly difficult endeavor to commit to, from flights and packed itineraries to spontaneous events and lack of discipline. And travel does not come without its disadvantages when it comes to staying in shape. From lack of fitness facilities […]